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GPS Coordinate Input Ltl Acorn Hunting Camera LTL-5610 Series


GPS Coordinate Input Ltl Acorn Hunting Camera LTL-5610 Series



Ltl- 5610A and LTL-5610WA (100degree wide angle version) are newgeneration products of LTL ACORN. With its highly sensitive Pyroelectric Infrared Radial (PIR) Sensor, detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggered to take photos/videos. With addition of new feature, GPS coordinate input, to save GPS coordinate into the photo properties, users can check the information of the position where the camera placed when reviewing the picture, as well as check the location of the coordinate on mapping software.



  • Trail camera for hunting
  • Animal or event observation
  • Motion-triggered security camera, for home, office and community.


GPS Coordinate

  • Obtain GPS Coordinate

Obtain the GPS coordinate via mobile APP which developed by LTL ACORN, or via the third party software.


  • GPS Coordinate Input

The GPS coordinate could be inputted on camera menu, as well as on PC SETUP software or Mobile SETUP APP, please refer to 3.4 Set up Camera on PC or 3.5 Set up Camera on Mobile Phone for details.

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