Ltl Acorn 12MP Hunting Trail Camera Night Vision LTL-5210A


The LTL Acorn LTL 5210 Series has been designed for watching wild nature during the day and at night. The model is equipped with the IR lighting which generates a 940nm light beam, so that it is imperceptible for human eye and does not disturb the night life rhythm in the forests. Trail camera has 2 PIR motion sensors on its sides and one main sensor. Range of vision of the main sensor is 35° and of side sensors 100°. The photo trap is dedicated for watching game, forests or property.

This is the cellular version of the Ltl Acorn 5210 series. Not only great for wildlife monitoring, but ideal for surveillance of antisocial or criminal activities (requires sim card – not included). This model is only available with no-glow LEDs.

As with the other Ltl Acorn trail camera models the 5210A can be set to record pictures or video footage whenever movement is detected (the camera actually uses ambient temperature changes to “sense” movement, this heat detection will then trigger a recording). In cellular mode, the camera only takes pictures as videos are too large to send.

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