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Ltl Acorn 3G Net Work Hunting Camera is Available

Ltl Acorn 3G Net Work Hunting Camera is Available


As many of you will know already the 2G network is on its way out which will leave many of the older MMS cameras obsolete for mms messaging. There are only a couple of true 3G cameras on the marked at the moment that work well in many countries.There are two models WG-1010G and WG-1011G for Euro market and US market.


Below is the 3G features of this new ltl acorn hunting camera.


  • WCDMA 3.5G module, upload speed is up to 76Mbps.


  • Supports to transmit full size picture and video which smaller than 10M to email by 3G network. It costs less than 1 minute from triggering to finishing sending 1.5M size picture to email, and less than 2 minutes for 9.5M size video when the 3G network is running well.


  • Supports to send thumbnail to mobile or email by MMS (multimedia message) to save 3G traffic.


  • 2 ways of transmission for optional:
  1. Transmit after shooting.
  2. Transmit all unsent pictures at once in the specified time, the 3G module is powered off out the transmission period to reduce power consumption greatly.


  • Supports to send commands to 3G module by SMS to modify the camera parameters and trigger remotely.


  • Supports to send commands to 3G module to transmit the full size picture to email according to the thumbnail received on mobile.


  • SMS remote control function is realized by timing wakeup to the 3G module, SMS wakeup interval could be set as 10 minutes or 1 – 24 hours, the shorter of the interval, the faster of command responding, but more power would be consumed.


Supports to power off the module by camera setting when the 3G function is not in using, it won’t consume any additional power and would work as the basic camera without 3G function.

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