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Ltl Acorn Hunting Camera Built-in-Viewer

Ltl Acorn Hunting Camera Built-in-Viewer


This might not be the most important feature of ltl acorn hunting camera, but those who use it, don’t regret paying a bit extra for it. It’s not available on all trail cams but it makes a useful feature to have if the location of the game camera is long distance from home or if you want to see the images at once without having to use the computer.


An integrated viewing screen offers a number of advantages:

  • When setting up the camera it allows you to get the perfect angle and height. So you won’t have to take the camera home and only then realize that the camera was mounted in the wrong place.
  • If your memory cards runs out of storage capacity, you cat at once view the captured images and delete the unwanted ones to free some space. However, on some of the cameras the screen is quite small, so you can’t clearly see the details in the picture.
  • You can view the settings and the number of pictures the camera has taken.

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