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Ltl Acorn Hunting Camra SMS Remote Control Function

Ltl Acorn Hunting Camra SMS Remote Control Function


  • In order to communicate with your camera via text message/SMS, you need to format your texts in a certain way, essentially speaking the same language as the camera. Or download the SMS Remote Control APP from LTL ACORN’s website ( to send SMS commands, please refer to the Instruction of SMS Remote Control APP for operation details.


  • All the SMS commands should start with “LTL(ltl)” and end with “AA(aa)”.


  • Between “ltl” and “aa”, insert the specific instructions you want the camera to follow. You can choose to give one instruction at a time, but it saves time to combine them together.


  • A specific instruction is made up with four parts in the following sequence: a two-digit order code, an asterisk (*), a code value (a number or a combination of numbers and letters), and lastly a pound/hash sign (#). See the “Example” column for illustrations.


  • Both capitalized and non-capitalized letters can be used in a command.


  • Do NOT leave any spaces between any of the letters and symbols.


  • Do NOT put a comma or a period at the end of the text. Again, a command starts with “ltl”and ends with “aa”. Do NOT include any quotation marks in a command; they are used here just for explanation purposes.


  • The maximum for text messages is 60 bytes. If you want to send multiple commands, please do so in separate texts.
    An example of a command would be LTL01*0#02*2#06*S30#07*10A3Z#60*1#AA Which asks the camera to 1) be in camera mode and take only pictures, 2) set image size to 2MP, 3) take pictures with an interval of 30 seconds, 4) turn on serial number and set it to “0A3Z”, and 5) immediately take a picture and send it to you.


  • For SMS remote control setting, different value comes with different extra power consumption: “0” the highest and “off” zero.


  • If your phone number is put in properly during setup, once the camera receives the command, it will send you a text message saying “Message format OK”. If the code 60 function is turned on, the camera will also send a picture that it takes after executing the command along with the text message.


  • Note: When using order code 12 and13 to set additional phone numbers or email addresses, make sure to fill in code 12 first before 13. The number or e-mail added by using code 13 will not be accepted if the code 12 slot is empty.

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