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Ltl Acorn Infrared Flash 940NM no Glow Trail Cameras

Ltl Acorn Infrared Flash 940NM no Glow Trail Cameras


The infrared flash 940nm no glow trail camera is made for the night shots. For dark or night shots, the 940NM no glow trail camera switches to flash mode for the capture. This one feature makes it usable throughout the day and night, while you are on the move.



  • The set up is simple and very easy to install.
  • They are highly portable, and are available in a variety of sizes enhancing their portability quotient
  • The picture quality is extremely good, and the best of zoom capacities are available in flash 940NM cameras.


  • The main disadvantage of this infrared camera is its strength- The flash feature! A flash on the face is not a desirable experience and especially if it continuously goes on without any warning then it can be super annoying. This is an extreme drawback when shooting in the wild, it can easily scare off the animals and waste your valuable time
  • Flash cameras are also known to make a shutter kind of noise as the flash comes to life. Both of these features make it unsuitable for wild life photography as the flash agitates the animals. For covert tracking too, this camera proves to be useless since there is nothing clandestine about it. The flash can be particularly unflattering for your neighbours if you are using if for outdoor monitoring.

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