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Security Metal Case to Protect Your Trail Camera

Security Metal Case to Protect Your Trail Camera


Use cases of a trail camera – at home or in the woods

The original purpose of trail cameras is hunt-assisting. The hunter places a trail camera in the wood at a feeding place, a bait place or a game trail and tracks wildlife in the area. Learning how a large population of breed is and what times and at what locations wild crossing happens. So hunters can decide what time is the best to go hunting. Forest ranger and wildlife biologists can benefit from observing their terrain using a trail camera in the forest area.

Trail cameras have become popular in home use as well. Among our customers are a lot of nature lovers, which like to know what animals are around the nearby forest or in their garden.

Increasing usage of trail cameras is recorded for monitoring private objects and property. The small, well-camouflaged and weatherproof camera enables observation in places that were previously difficult to control. Whether on the patio, the garage, front or back yard day and night coverage is possible, capturing all objects on camera. The advantages are obvious:

  • Our trail camera works both during day and during night in total darkness.
  • The camera is well camouflaged. Invisible flash during the dark thanks to the build in Black LEDs
  • A sensitive motion sensor detects reliable people and animals; the trail – camera records only when a living being enters the trigger area.
  • Our trail cameras are robust and weatherproof , they work reliable in rain and snow .
  • Our trail camera can be operated at any location-no external power supply, needed. One battery pack can last up to 6 months.

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